Comic 43 - Coming back soonish? Maybe?
27th Nov 2012, 10:33 AM
Coming back soonish? Maybe?
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Author Notes:
rachelevil edit delete
The "comic" above says it all. Let me know what you think of this possible development.
User comments:
ThornsInOurSide edit delete
Are you bringing Carla back? She was the talented one.
rachelevil edit delete
Ouch. And, yes.
Pandora Caititff (Guest) edit delete
I really enjoyed the strip when it ran, so some closure, or even just a bit more would be nice.
fingerwitch edit delete
I really enjoyed this comic when it was running, would love to see a return.
Sheepy (Guest) edit delete
This was probably one of the interesting slice of life strips I read. Hopefully you'll will be able to come back it. :)
Carla Wyzgala (Guest) edit delete
There is some real talent in Rachel's writing and I also need some closure or more information/situations for these characters that in such a short time I have grown to be emotionally involved : )